Certification of Disk Destruction

Certification of Disk Destruction for Secured Data HDD

  • This document certifies that the disk drive (s) listed herin has been permanently removed from service and / or destroyed in compliance with Kioxia and OEM Customer requirements.
    List unit being processed on this RMA request.

    Scan the signed certificate and send it by Email to the following address:
    or send the signed certificate by Fax to the following number:
    +49/60 28 40 64 378 - 99

Certification Statement:

  • By Signature below I certifiy that due to sensitive data resident on disk drives in use by this agency, drives may not be removed from this site.
    When a disk drive requires replacement under warranty, this certificate of destruction having all of the information inserted and signed by the designated personel will serve as evidence of the complete destruction of the drive and a replacement under warranty will be authorized.