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Terms of Warranty

Important note:

Before you continue please read the following warranty conditions and confirm by checking the two check boxes!

Warranty Period:

  • Warranty is starting from the date of purchase.
  • Period depending on HDD model

Warranty is voided in case of:

  • Opened HDD case
  • Damaged HDD connectors
  • Shipping damages caused by unsuitable packaging

Packaging instructions:

  • Please use either a foam rubber block or several layers of bubble wrap to protect the drive inside the carton.
  • Please only utilize cartons that are sufficiently stable for transportation by post or courier.
  • The packed Hard Disk Drive must not be able to move inside the box!
  • Please do net send any accessories with the Hard Disk Drive!
  • Please also put a printed copy of the shipping note into the box.
  • Fjords


After your goods have been received and checked at the Service Center, a replacement drive of at least equivalent value (depending on availability) will be shipped to you free of charge.

Important note:

Your original Hard Disk Drive will not be returned to you!
You are personally responsible for backing up your data and for arranging suitable packaging!


Customer information

Customer information

  • Please fill in all required data in the form

Service informations

  • Please fill in all required data in the form
  • After that please print the UPS label and the shipping note
  • Go to the UPS website and confirm date and address for the UPS pick-up service

  • UPS

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Package data


RMA creation

  • Your request has been successfully sent.
  • You will find your order number on the shipping note.
  • Please print out the shipping note and the UPS label.


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Now you can download your UPS Label and the Order Confirmation.