Warranty processing for Toshiba

Important notes:

Only Toshiba Hard Disk Drives sold in the EMEA region are supported!

If you return a Hard Disk Drive to us for warranty processing it will be replaced by a new one.

All existing data will be irretrievably lost!

Therefore, in order to avoid data loss, please create a backup of your data if possible before shipping the Hard Drive!

Supported models:

  • Toshiba Enterprise Capacity HDD Models: “MG” Series (Standard models)1)
  • Toshiba Retail HDD Models: X300, P300, S300, S300 Pro, N300, L200 Series
  • Toshiba External HDD Models: Canvio Series2)

1)Please be aware that HDD’s with 512n/4kn Sector format could be exchanged by 512e models (subject to availability).

2)Please be aware that your Toshiba Canvio HDD could be exchanged by a different Canvio model (and/or different colour) of at least the same value (subject to availability).

If you need further instructions please clickhereto download the manual for the RMA procedure.

In case of issues during the warranty claim request process please click on “Contact“ in the top right corner of the screen.

Please click here to create a warranty claim: